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You won't have to worry about getting preventable diseases such as the flu or shingles. Get your vaccinations by walk in or appointment! We offer the following vaccines.

  • • Flu

  • • Shingles

  • • Pneumonia

  • • Travel Vaccinations

Get your needed immunizations before it's too late.

Medication Packaging

You won't have to struggle remembering to take your medications or juggle multiple medications with our med packaging. Even the best medications won't work if they are not taken properly, or at all. If you have trouble taking the right pills at the right time, talk to us today about how our med packaging can help you!


Refill Sync 

If you struggle with remembering to call in your medication refills, we have a great solution for you! We can automatically sync all your medications so that they can be picked up once a month, on the same date, or every month so you don't have to remember to call them in. Ask our staff about the program, or click the button below for more information. 


At Lion Pharmacy, we want to your partner in wellness. We carry top of the line, quality vitamins, minerals, homeopathic, herbal and other nutritional products.

Our popular products include:

  • • Wellness Supplements

  • • Nutritional Products (vitamins, minerals, etc.)

  • • Homeopathic Treatments

  • • TA65 Anti-Aging

  • • Probiotic Supplements